Get the Look: How to Master Simple & Minimalist Cottagecore Outfits

Get the Look: How to Master Simple & Minimalist Cottagecore Outfits

On 05/17/23 // Fashion

Following up on the trend shift from romantic to modern cottagecore aesthetic, let’s look at some more outfit inspiration on how to do chic cottagecore minimalist outfits.

Minimalist cottagecore outfits are the perfect combination of your romantic fancy and effortless elegance. Combining classic silhouettes with modern details, these looks offer more wearable aesthetic that, quite honestly, looks less ditzy.

How to Look Minimalist and Chic with Cottagecore Fashion

A simple cottagecore look could look like this: Start with a simple ruffled top, such as an off-the-shoulder blouse in light colors like white, cream, or pastels. Pair it with jeans or with other monochrome pants that are in tone with the top.

Princess Poly USA, Linsley top

Add shoes and accessories that are truer to the original cottagecore aesthetic to keep vibe. Those could be leather booties with shoelaces, a statement piece of Victorian replica jewelry, or a couple of pearls in your hair bun.

Lastly, add accessories to elevate your look. A grand looking handbag would do that.

The Checklist to Incorporating Simple Elements into Your Wardrobe for a Cottagecore Look

What are the key elements to shop for if you want to bend your wardrobe towards minimalist cottagecore without breaking the bank?

  • A plain blouse for the masculine cottagecore aesthetic

Princess Polly USA, Vintage Vibes shirt

  • Frilly tops or dresses with sleeves

Princess Polly USA, The Villa dress

  • A statement bag to add the Victorian mood

Victorian print travel bag via BlueMagikClothing on Etsy

  • Leather booties with shoelaces

AmericanDuchess boutique, BELLEVUE booties

  • Statement Victorian replica jewelry piece

MoonroseJewelryStore cameo necklace from Etsy

  • Contrasting ribbons to add a Victorian touch to a plainer outfit

  • Wide brimmed hat or a wide hair ribbon

Scrunchie with a bow from UAQUEEN on Etsy

  • Hair clips with pearls or nature motifs (flowers, animals, stars)

Giving Your Closet a Makeover: Mixing Modern and Classic Pieces Together for a Perfectly Minimalist Cottagecore Vibe

Adding simple cottagecore pieces to your wardrobe can be simple and budget-friendly when you know where to shop. Here are 8 online stores where you can find effortless yet chic simple cottagecore pieces:

  1. ASOS - ASOS has a range of simple cottagecore pieces that are perfect for your everyday looks. Their simple blouses, plain-colored jeans, and simple accessories are perfect for creating that simple yet chic cottagecore style.
  2. Princess Polly -
    Princess Polly offers some simple cottagecore must-haves, like off-the-shoulder blouses, simple jewelry pieces, and simple shoes.
  3. Etsy -
    Etsy has plenty of simple cottagecore accessories at great prices, like statement jewelry pieces and simple hair clips with nature motifs.
  4. Free People -
    Free People offers simple pieces with a boho twist for your simple cottagecore style. From simple blouses and jeans to wide brimmed hats and statement jewelry pieces, they have everything you need to create effortless yet stylish simple cottagecore looks.
  5. Shein - Shein has some of the best simple cottagecore pieces for an unbeatable price. From simple blouses and jeans to simple shoes and accessories, you can find all simple cottagecore must-haves at Shein at a fraction of the cost.

Carpet bag in Victorian style via MaxCarpetbagWorks on Etsy

Creating simple and chic cottagecore outfits involves combining classic silhouettes with modern details. The basic elements are simple ruffled tops, jeans or other monochrome pants in light colors like white, cream or pastels, leather booties with shoelaces, statement jewelry and pearls for hair bun. Accessories such as simple hair clips, handbags or clutches in muted colors and a long ribbon belt will add the finishing touches. You can easily find simple cottagecore pieces at affordable prices by shopping online at stores such as ASOS, Princess Polly, Etsy, Free People and Shein.

Now that we’ve discussed the chic cottagecore aesthetic, let’s explore some more style inspiration on how to master minimalist outfits with a modern cottagecore look.

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