Red Dress Edit: Minimalist & Maximalist Jewelry for a Red Dress

Red Dress Edit: Minimalist & Maximalist Jewelry for a Red Dress

On 07/25/23 // Fashion

Are you looking for that perfect accessory to match your statement red dress? Is minimalism your vibe? In this article, we’ll be discussing the best of dainty jewelry styles to pair with a red dress.

Of course we won’t stop at the classic look with delicate jewelry, we’ll infuse the edit with something for those of you who want to go for a modern, boho, or ethnic style with more statement pieces.

From subtle stud earrings, to statement necklaces, and creative bracelets stacks, we’ve got just the look to make your red dress stand out. So, let’s get started!

How to Choose Jewelry for a Red Dress

Nothing evokes a sense of timeless glamour and elegance quite like the red dress – and the rules for accessorizing one reflect that.

Simply put, you can either enhance the glam, or break it with something that doesn’t match in just the right way.

So, the basic rules are not considerably different than other outfits, it’s just that your choices better be perfect because it’s not like you can hide in the crowd if you’re wearing a red dress.

Here we’ll take a look at some go-to jewelry pieces that will help make your red dress look chic and classy, and very feminine energy.

1. Minimalist Jewelry

The trick to a minimalist look with a red dress is to keep the jewelry minimal yet statement worthy to avoid overpowering the iconic color.

Minimalist statement earrings from GoldenHorseShoeCo on Etsy

If you love playing with dainty jewelry pieces, this is the perfect look for you. With stacks of thin bangles or a few minimalist chain necklaces, you can combine elements that look sophisticated and stylish: all with the ever-stunning backdrop of a red dress.

If you want to go with gems and pendants, choose polished gems in more muted tones like milky white or rose, to avoid detracting from the beauty of the garment.

2. Subtly Color-Complimentary Jewelry

I’m not talking about a matching red choker here.

Subtly complimentary jewelry to a red dress can be a gold set with a little bit of copper addition that will make the gold either the classic rose gold or ever so slightly ginger. That tone will work for some reds, but with others the pinky rose gold will work better.

Yes, that is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

A great thing with these tinted golds is that they pair amazingly well with silver. So, all you need to do is add one or two bands into your jewelry stack to get this effect.

And because these colors are softer, they won’t clash or take away from the classic look of the garment. It is especially perfect for those who prefer an effortless, laid-back look.

Juan Carlos Obando Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

3. Contrast Color Jewelry

Now for a much more bold effect! Jewelry pieces in contrasting colors like powder blue, teal or purple are perfect for adding an edge to your outfit.

When done tastefully, a single piece of statement jewelry in these contrasting colors can make a real impact on your look.

Consider a powerfully dramatic choker necklace or a giant statement ring that incorporates colors that contrast with those of the dress.

4. Overstated Boho or Ethnic Jewelry

For those festivities where a super in-you-face look is desired, overstated jewelry is the ideal way to go – and a red dress is the perfect cheeky blank canvas.

Large statement beaded earrings in ethnic designs, bold pattern necklaces or structured feather jewelry pieces all look really stunning with a simple red dress.

Long single feather earring from Amazira on Etsy

Just keep in mind that the simplicity of the dress should be contrasted in your jewelry pieces, so try to avoid toning it down. Go all the way into shiny, sparkly and showy.

Whether you’re wearing a sleek silk cocktail dress, a classic cherry-hued gown or a modern jumpsuit, a red dress is an unforgettable sight. And now that you know a few tips to create the perfect jewelry look, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the sensation of the evening.

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