Inspo: Minimalist Softie Wardrobe with Aesthetic Knits

Inspo: Minimalist Softie Wardrobe with Aesthetic Knits

On 06/10/23 // Fashion

Knitting has been around for centuries, but in the last few years, it has resurfaced in a big way with the popularity of softcore and similar undercurrents in fashions. Those fluffy, bulky knits!

It’s the pastel hues, delicate knits, and whimsical details. This aesthetic mood is all about embracing your feminine side while maintaining a minimalist flair. It’s a fashion statement that’s both youthful and sophisticated, perfect for those who want to express their girlish charm without sacrificing their minimalist flair.

Also, the soft girl aesthetic is all about embracing your natural beauty and playing up your best features, not overpowering them. That is such a great attitude to have.

Let’s look at how to incorporate aesthetic knits into your wardrobe.

Find Your Personal Style

The first step when building a wardrobe is always to identify your personal style. What colors do you gravitate towards? What silhouettes do you feel best in? Do you prefer classic pieces or something funkier and more modern? Answering these questions will help guide you as you start shopping for knits.

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Get Good Layering Pieces

Aesthetic knits are perfect layering pieces! Whether it’s a cardigan over a dress or a light sweater over a tank top, adding an extra layer can make any outfit more interesting and give it an extra bit of texture.

@jala_sans the Rani knit

For colder weather, try getting a chunky knit sweater that will look good with jeans and boots. A more aesthetic way would be to layer a thin turtleneck under an oversized blazer or a long dress. Knit on knit is a whole another look, too!

For warmer weather, try pairing lightweight sweaters with cute mini dresses or tomboyish baggy shorts for cool evenings out on the town or opt for a cropped cardigan over your favorite summer dress.

By the way, the knit on knit aesthetic exists even here. The possibilities are endless!

Princes Polly, the Abigail dress

Invest In Quality Pieces

As cliche as it sounds, with knits in particular, quality is really important.

When it comes to aesthetic knits, invest in high-quality pieces that will last you through multiple seasons and trends.

@jala_sans, the Mae knit



If you want really something timeless, look for pieces made of natural fibers like wool and cashmere instead of synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester. Natural materials need better fabric care which is extra work, but then these materials will wear better over time.

Aesthetically speaking, look for sweaters with chunky ribbed textures or with very little patterns at all. That’s the timeless way for knits. Patterns come and go, so there’s much less of a need to spend on quality with them.

Building a wardrobe around aesthetic knits doesn’t have to be difficult — it just takes some creativity! Start by finding your personal style and investing in quality pieces that will last you through multiple seasons and trends. Then experiment with different layers and textures until you find the perfect combination that suits your style needs best! With this guide at hand, you’ll be creating stylish ensembles with ease in no time!

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