Strawberry Milk Nails: Sweet Summer Aesthetic For Minimalists

Strawberry Milk Nails: Sweet Summer Aesthetic For Minimalists

On 08/20/23 // Beauty

Welcome to the world of technicolor whimsy, where one special pastel pink shade goes far beyond simply being just ‘light pink’. This hue, so similar to the color of a strawberry milkshake, is fun and flirty — and the shade that has been making waves this summer.

Classic strawberry milkshake minimalism by IG @unkovrd

With its retro and captivating charm, strawberry milk nails are not as simplistic as they might seem. Let’s dive into this sweet hue, including how to pick the perfect one and how to jazz it up with some awe-inspiring tips and tricks, while still keeping your nails minimalist.

The Sweetest of Treats: Strawberry Milk Nails

Feast your eyes on the sweetest of treats - strawberry milk nails! This 2023 trend is all about a soft and subtle swirl of warm pink color mixing with white to form a milky pale pink shade that looks good enough to eat. This shade is certainly not just any light pink - it is oh-so much more.

Think of a dazzling field of hand-picked, ripe and ready-to-eat strawberries that gently glisten in the sun. Now imagine that same color, with a soft milky hue of freshness blended into it. That’s what you get with this trend.

This is Orly nail polish in Confetti by IG @nailsbymorticia

It’s the perfect hue for those wanting a look of subtle and effortless beauty, or for those who are looking for a pastel shade to bring up their summer tan.

It’s the little details that make this trend stand out from the pack. If you’re wanting to take your nail look up a notch, try embellishing the usual soft pink tones with a scattering of strawberry stickers. There is a way to use stickers without making your nails look too kawaii.

Strawberry Milk Nails: Sweet Summer Aesthetic For Minimalists
Strawberry Milk Nails: Sweet Summer Aesthetic For Minimalists

Use stickers just on one or two fingers to keep it minimalist. IG @virginie_nails_

IG @nailedby_odalis

If you’re wanting something a tad more dramatic, why not try introducing a second complementary shade for a dual-toned effect. From true strawberry red to soft blush pink, this trend is as versatile as you make it. Experiment with different colors and finishes to create a unique and eye-catching mani.

Strawberries and cream by IG @rica_nail

Strawberry milk manicure is certainly still the trend of the moment, so why not get on board and show your followers your love for this cutest of colors? If ever there was a hue to brighten up the day, this is it. Go ahead and treat yourself to a milky and sweet take on classic pink for a look that’s sure to turn heads.

Dare to dream in order to discover a dreamy, soft, sweet hue that will make you feel like an absolute princess! Unleash your creative side with strawberry milk nails—set the trend, own the look, and become a part of the movement.

Nude version of the trend by IG @nattsun.1013

Ready to expand your beauty horizons and explore a world of subtle color? Read on to uncover the ultimate in versatile pinks—perfect for this time of year. Get ready to be inspired, as we reveal the best of the best!

Find Your Sweetest Shade of Pink: An Ode to the Best Little Nail Polish Brands

Nothing feels quite as aspirational and feminine as a classic, creamy light pink nail polish. Whether it’s the first date of the season or you’re looking for a subtle way to show off your fashion sense, nothing beats the power of an expertly-crafted hue of light pink on your fingernails.

Very light strawberry milkshake nails by IG @ridasopinion

We’ve rounded up the best small nail polish brands that do creamy light pinks, so you can take your favorite shade of pink and make it a part of your signature look. Get ready to escape into a world of candy floss hues and discover the shades that could be life-altering for your fingers.

Brands that do the tastiest strawberry milk nail polishes

Recent Barbie-related OPI looks set to take the fashion world by storm with its new pink tones and some of them can easily double for the milkshake trend. Its creamy light pink color range includes many semi-sheer shades to create pale tones. What’s more, these gentle hues last for up to a month and are perfect for showing off your delicate side without overwhelming your entire look.

Best milkshake shade: Let’s be friends

If you’re seeking something warmer, look no further than Holo Taco range of creme nail shades. The exquisite creamy light pink shades includes soft pinks with a hint of a warm hue. Plus, the formula is ideal for long-lasting comfortable wear.

Best milkshake shade: Lowkey blushing

For a spike of classic glamour, ORLY is your go-to brand. I’ve already mentioned Confetti, but their creamy light pink shades come in an exciting cocktail of pretty nuance, ranging from delicate pastels to the daringly feminine corals. What’s more, they have plenty of shades with gentle glitter, just in case you’d get bored with creamy shakes quickly.

Best milkshake shade: Cake pop

So, if you’re looking to create a romantic, wistful look with a gentle hue, here are the best small nail polish brands to do just that. Sweeten your beauty routine with these creamy light pink shades and get ready to revel in the power of powder-soft pinks.

Are you ready to upgrade your mani-game? Treat yourself to one of these creamy light pink nail polish brands for an off-the-charts gorgeous manicure that will make you feel like a million bucks! From subtle pastels to eye-catching shimmery hues, there’s something to suit every DIY diva. Get the scoop on the best small polish brands for the perfect dreamy nail look.

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