Make a Minimalist Statement with Dreamy Pastel Nail Colors

Make a Minimalist Statement with Dreamy Pastel Nail Colors

On 08/15/23 // Beauty

This summer, get on trend with the latest minimalist nail inspo! In soothing pastels, these looks will whisper of summer fun, taking you to candy-colored fantasies that only milkshake colors can offer.

Let the enchantment of some perfectly placed nail art take you to a stylish new world – and all that with minimal effort, no less.

Transform your tips from an everyday accessory into a summer sensation, with a sense of dreamy simplicity that will captivate all who behold it.

Get ready to say yes to the nails, and show off your very own summer trend.

Take a Cue From Summer’s Yummiest Colors and Try These Minimalist Nails

Say hello to fashion’s favorite milkshake inspired colors—pink, raspberry, raspberry sherbet, and ice cream hues are taking the internet by storm!

Strawberry milkshake nails by IG @unkovrd

Not everyone is looking to make an elaborate statement with their mani and milkshake polishes are great for all of you with the less is more attitude. They fit well into the polished minimalist approach, but they can be quite far from the Western standard of beauty, if you wear them on tan skin. We all know how well pastel colors contrast on darker skin tones - milkshake nail polishes do that amazingly.

Milkshake It Up: Add a Playful Twist to Your Summer Look

We’ve rounded up all the ideas you need to craft your perfect nail look this summer. From pastel french tips to dainty details, you’ll be able to show off your fun and creative personality without breaking the bank or busting out the fancy tools.

Be bold and express yourself with pastel pink french tips, or go for rose quartz for a twist. That’s the famous strawberry milkshake trend that has been going on since this spring.

IG @clw_nailartist

Milk tea shades are perfect for a minimalistic look. Make it a matcha milk shake to flirt with the wild side just a little bit.

OPI in That’s Hula-rious

Blueberry milkshake is one of the more daring choices as well. And why not show off your personality with some fun play on the French mani?

IG nails_by_trinnn

Next level up the minimalist look with some real trend! Pick your favorite shade of raspberry sherbet and look around which of the Barbie-inspired polishes matches it the best.

OPI in Hi Barbie!

You can also try out an ombré of thin lines that go from the cuticle to the tip of your nails. There’s an effortless and timeless vibe in white accents.

Raspberry and white press-ons from Etsy: BadTasteNails

Last but not least it’s all about that final touch. Whip out the nail art kit and add some delicate swirls to give off an ethereal mood. If you’re looking for also look for something unique, try adding a holographic decal for a modern look with an edge.

This summer, try out something different with these minimalist nail inspo ideas! Step outside of your comfort zone and make a statement—boring digits are so last season.

Are you ready to take your summer nails to the next level with this year’s milkshake mani trend? Step into a whole new world of fashion and beauty as you explore this minimalist nail inspo. Create your own look with these easy to recreate designs, and bring your summer outfit to life with delightful and playful colors.

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