Pink and Grey Nail Designs with an Old Money Feel

Pink and Grey Nail Designs with an Old Money Feel

On 07/01/23 // Beauty

The minimalist nail trend has been gaining traction on social media lately. Are people getting tired of wild and psychedelic nail designs? Is there a mood out there to go back to basics? Are wild indie aesthetics fading away?

Time will tell. But for the scope of this post, let’s look at the best pink and grey nail designs that nail techs have come up this year.

This particular flavor of minimalist nail is all about muted tones for a timeless look that effortlessly oozes with style and class. It’s perfect for those who want their nail art to look like they come from old money.

To pull off this look, blend shades of light and dark pinks together with a matte grey base. This color combo creates a very subtle contrast that less is more approach to nail art.

Or, you could even opt for a single muted shade, like a light pink, if you prefer a minimalist look.

Pink and grey marble press-ons by Dorisnailshop on Etsy

Subtle marble press-ons by VikisPressOnNails on Etsy

Pink and grey ombre press-ons by AfterNail on Etsy

Matte press-ons by LunaStarDesignsCo on Etsy

The nail shape matters a lot in minimalist designs

When it comes to the nail shape, almond designs work best when channeling the old money vibes. These more classic shapes are more subdued than longer stiletto and long coffin designs.

Then, adding in a matte or a subtle glazed finish elevates them even more. You will need to get gel nails to get the real, smooth donut glaze finish, but it’s worth it.

For extra detail that you don’t want to be too in-your-face, keep it simple with thin lines and geometric patterns. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with neon colors or too many embellishments - neon colors are not usually seen as classy, unless you use them in a really tiny amount.

And then, try to complete the look by partnering the nail art with a gold or rose gold ring – preferably with unique vintage design element – to really capture the timeless old money feel.

Last but not least…It is no secret why the pink and grey nail design has become such a popular choice for many celebrities. It is a stunning look that screams both luxury and antiquity, a combination that is not only classy but just now also very fashionable.

Reece Witherspoon is one of the main celebrities that wears these pink and grey nail designs. This colorway is perfectly paired with her classic and sophisticated style, making the look truly covetable.

Lady Gaga is also frequently spotted wearing this look, but then she’s adding her own personal flair and edginess to the minimalistic style. Her example just goes to show that minimalist nail does not have to come with an overall boring aesthetic.

Finally, Sarah Jessica Parker perfectly carries off the mixture of pink and grey, emphasizing the luxury of this style. __

Using this pink and grey nail design is quite an easy way to achieve the look of old money and sophistication. There’s a lot of benefits to that. For one, good elegant nail art makes you look a bit more put together even in a fairly basic outfit.

The nude shades work together in such a way that it looks both classic and modern at the same time. Whether you are looking to glam up for a special occasion or to add some subtle sophistication to your everyday look, pink and grey nail design is the perfect way to show off your inner luxury.

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